Our excellent tradesmen have been fitting Copper & Lead Valleys for YEARS



Valleys & Aprons are fitted to roofs by our master craftsmen, no job is too complicated or intricate for our skilled team.

Here at Dublin Roofing trading as Hamilton Roofing  we are life long specialists at fitting all manner of lead and copper valleys, using the very best of copper and lead materials. 

We would I use copper for a roof valley? The reason copper is used as a material for securing the valley of your roof is because it is extremely durable and can last over 30 years, it is weather proof when not cracked and bent into shape using copper crampons   and a skilled copper smith and cutter. Copper is a natural and sustainable material as well as extremely flexible, and malleable enough for a skilled professional to work with. 
At Dublin Roofing trading as Hamilton Roofing we are experts at fitting copper and lead valleys.

Why use lead for fitting a lead valley? Why use lead for flashing roof, walls and chimneys?

Again lead is extremely, malleable, natural and sustainable material. Lead is heavy and flexible and durable. For a skilled professional lead can be cut to fit, secure and and flash almost most areas of a roof. A lead valley will not last as long as a copper valley, it could last 5 to 10 years depending on the location of premises, sea areas are more combative and erosive and a lead valley for example will not last as long.

Roof Repairs, New Roofs are our specialty  here at Dublin Roofing trading as Hamilton Roofing. 
We will use use only the very best materials, producing excellent Roofing work that will last the test of time. 



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Our Master Craftsmen are experts of this hidden trade passed on from 4 generations of roofers"!